A Splash of Color

Thinking of painting the kid’s rooms “Princess Pink” or “Razorback Red”? How about doing a faux finish that you saw on the home improvement channel? These trends that are quote “the in thing”, can look absolutely magnificent if they are done right. On the other hand, if you are looking to sell your home in the near future, then you might reconsider these weekend projects. Why, do you ask? Sometimes a Pepto-Bismol Pink bedroom might not suit a family that has all boys. Or die-hard Oklahoma fans might not appreciate an over-sized hog painted on 3 of the 4 walls in the master bedroom. I hear a lot of buyers say that “paint is cheap”, but deep down, they are thinking that this house is not “Move-in Ready”. I, for one, hate painting. But if I think that my home would look more inviting to potential buyers, then its worth it to spend $200 and a couple of weekends to sell my house.

What Colors Should I Go With?

By painting your home with more neutral colors, buyers can concentrate on the layout of your home and where there stuff is going to go. Light browns and earth tones tend to set a more calming mood. Take a look at some of the pictures below to get an idea of what looks pleasing to the eye and what make you want to look away:


Pink, need I say more                                                    Let’s see how many colors we can add to this room



It looks like a bag of Skittles threw up in here.                                 Faux is a no-no in this picture.


Now lets take a look at some more appealing paint colors that are warm and inviting:

Cozy light brown                                                                         A darker brown with clean white trim


You don’t have to go with a brown, this green                  Blue can be a clean cool color, just keep it toned

looks great in this dining area.                                          down with white trim and some accent colors.

“I want more colors than brown in my home”

Accent colors in a room makes it look like you have a natural gift in interior decorating. These accents can be as subtle as a bowl of fake yellow lemons on your coffee table or an arrangement of flowers on your kitchen counter. Rugs and throws are cheap and easy ways to add splashes of color to your freshly painted home.

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